Critical Defense Institute - Multi-State Conceal Carry

Critical Defense Institute - Multi-State Conceal Carry

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Critical Defense Institute - Multi-State Conceal Carry

 Multi-State Conceal Carry

Level: Beginner

Course Length: 8 Hours

Cost: $129 your price only $64

Classes run from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm



Course Summary:

Don't leave your gun at home because you can't legally carry in the state or states you're traveling to. Carry legally in 39 states. This course covers all material necessary for individuals to apply for their NH, MA, CT and UT conceal carry permits.

Course covers:

  • Basic Firearm Safety
  • How pistols and revolvers function
  • Ammunition
  • Choosing the right gun and gear
  • Drawing from a holster
  • Clearing malfunctions
  • Fundamentals of shooting (Stance, Grip, Sights and Trigger Press)
  • State and Federal Laws
  • Use of Force
  • Pistol Qualifier Mass & Connecticut applicants only (using our Pistols)

New Hampshire – CCW application, NH Firearms laws (30 States total)
Massachusetts –  CCW application, Mass State Police Safety voucher (35 States total)
Connecticut – NRA Basic Pistol voucher (35 States total)
Utah – CCW application, Utah BCI voucher, Fingerprint card, Utah State Laws (37 States total)
Federal – Interstate Transportation, Airport Travel

ALL 4 States combined (39 States including NH)

Please see restrictions.

 About CDI: CDI is an organization of individuals who believe in the right to lawfully protect oneself and the innocent from harm. We understand that through proper training, diligent practice, and careful instruction, we can be prepared for the appropriate and lawful use of personal defense should the need arise. CDI is focused on the education, training, practice and assessment of lawful self defense skills. These skills will be taught and evaluated by learned instructors, under the safety supervision of qualified Range Officers within the group of other qualified and engaged members. We also train US Military and Law Enforcement Instruction Beyond the Range Firearms courses cover topics ranging from basic handgun safety to defensive tactics. Critical Defense Institute is also one of two Simunitions training facilities in the state. However, the schedule isn't limited to firearms classes. Instructors also teach mixed martial arts and other self-defense classes. A Wide Spectrum of Students Critical Defense Institute's staff, equipment, and facilities allow the center to cater to a wide variety of students. In addition to teaching civilians of all ages and skill levels, the instructors offer training for police-academy cadets, local law-enforcement professionals, and members of the United States Military.

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The Fine Print

  • Must have your state of residency permit prior to applying for non-resident permits. Must be 18 or older, sign waiver & be legally able to possess a firearm. State Fees are NOT Included. CDI does not issue conceal carry permits or guarantee you will be issued a permit from any state. You must apply to each state and meet each state's guidelines in order to receive a permit from that state. Please call us for specific state requirements if you are concerned about eligibility. You must call (603)413-0549 to reserve, subject to date availability - no cash value.

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