Critical Defense Institute LLC - Your Safety Experts Women's Self Defense Two Month Special

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Critical Defense Institute LLC - Your Safety Experts Women's Self Defense Two Month Special

Women’s Self-Defense Two Months for 50% off! 

New students ONLY!!!


Level: Beginner


Course Summary:

You will build confidence and physical fitness while learning personal defense techniques and how to manage the stress of a self-defense encounter, by periodically testing the effectiveness of your skills against instructors in simulated scenario training. This scenario training is asymmetrical where you are allowed and encouraged to use full contact against instructors, while instructors provide you resistance in a realistic but controlled manner. This ongoing course is open to women of all abilities and skill levels, ages 13 and up. No previous training or experience is necessary to enroll.

Self- defense tactics are taught by internationally certified master martial arts instructors. WSD utilizes Redman defense suits to provide the most realistic training possible.


Classes are held on Mondays and Tuesday From 6:00 pm until 7:30 pm



Melinda – August 22, 2016:

If you’ve trained before, or never trained at all, come prepared to learn a ton! CDI Instructors are talented and extremely skilled and take the time to teach every student, at all levels. Proper technique is stressed by lots of demonstration and hands-on practice. Build strength, learn body mechanics, confidence. stamina. improve mental clarity, let go of fear and just plain have fun – this class is empowering! Ladies, bring your husbands and join the CCP class! It’s a perfect way to gain knowledge and improve skills together. Cannot say enough good things about CDI and the staff- they are the real deal!

Melissa – August 22, 2016:

Excellent staff and instructors! Willing to work with you and work around any physical issues you may have till you get it. The Instructors are very knowledgeable in all techniques. The hands on training is fun and a very good work out. This is something that every woman should know.

Alyssa – August 23, 2016:

CDI is an excellent place to learn basic and advanced self defense moves. The instructors have a ton of experience and work closely with the students to work on proper form. This class helps build confidence as well, giving you the tools you need to help protect yourself and/or a loved one.
You become part of a family here at CDI.


 About CDI: CDI is an organization of individuals who believe in the right to lawfully protect oneself and the innocent from harm. We understand that through proper training, diligent practice, and careful instruction, we can be prepared for the appropriate and lawful use of personal defense should the need arise. CDI is focused on the education, training, practice and assessment of lawful self defense skills. These skills will be taught and evaluated by learned instructors, under the safety supervision of qualified Range Officers within the group of other qualified and engaged members. We also train US Military and Law Enforcement Instruction Beyond the Range Firearms courses cover topics ranging from basic handgun safety to defensive tactics. Critical Defense Institute is also one of two Simunitions training facilities in the state. However, the schedule isn't limited to firearms classes. Instructors also teach mixed martial arts and other self-defense classes. A Wide Spectrum of Students Critical Defense Institute's staff, equipment, and facilities allow the center to cater to a wide variety of students. In addition to teaching civilians of all ages and skill levels, the instructors offer training for police-academy cadets, local law-enforcement professionals, and members of the United States Military.

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  • Women's Self Defense Two Month Special - new students ONLY.

  • Two Months of Women's Self Defense Course.

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